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EV Charging Station Test Adaptor A1532 XA


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The Metrel A1532 EVSE Electric Vehicle Charging Station Test Adapter is an accessory for the Metrel InstalTest series of multifunction installation testers.

This XA version supports 3 phase load testing up to 13 A and different error types, including PE open.

It is used for thbe electrical safety and functional testing of Mode 3 electric vehicle charging stations with a type 2 connector.

When used with InstalTest XC and XD Installation testers, the complete EVSE charging station can be tested at the push of a button. It can be used to produce a professional station-based report with Metrel's MESM software for teh Instaltest XC and XD.

Click here to see the the Metrel Instal Test XC MI3152

Click here to see the the Metrel Instal Test XD MI3155

What is EVSE Protocol?

The Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) protocol keeps you and your electric vehicle safe while charging.

Using two-way communication between the charger and car, the correct charging current is set based on the maximum current the charger can provide as well as the maximum current the car can receive. As part of the protocol, a safety lock-out exists, preventing current from flowing when the charger is not connected to the car. It ensures that if a cable is not correctly inserted, power will not flow through it.

Examples of Error Conditions Identified:

  • Error condition or disconnection of plug
  • EVSE does not supply energy
  • EV detected, EV not ready to receive energy, EVSE does not supply energy
  • EV ready to receive energy, EVSE is supplying energy if ventilation is not required.
  • EV ready to receive energy and requires ventilation, EVSE is supplying energy only if ventilation exists.
  • EVSE doesn't supply energy (no power).
  • EVSE can also detect hardware faults, disconnecting the power and preventing battery damage, electrical shorts and fire.

    See the Metrel Overview video below which gives shows how easy it is to conduct ESVE tests using the A-1532 and the InstalTest installation testers.

    InstalTest XC or XD Auto-Sequences

    Metrel's Auto-Sequences combine a single tests into single key press operation and indicate Pass/Fail with a green tick or red cross. The dedicated ESVE auto-sequences also ensure that users are carrying our the required tests in the correct order.

    • Model: METX1532
    • Manufactured by: Metrel

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