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IEC to Figure 8 (Fig.8) Adaptor


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Please read information below before purchasing this item.

Figure of 8 Adaptors are frequently sold for the purposes of appliance testing. However, we believe they serve little purpose in actual use. The use of Fig.8 Adaptors can even provide misleading results if misused or misunderstood. Here's a brief explanation:

A Fig.8 Lead has two conductors - Neutral and Active. It is therefore essentially a 'Double Insulated' item - the Lead has no Earth conductor. Also, a Fig.8 Lead could also be considered to have no polarity - by turning the socket/female end of the Lead upside down, the ‘polarity’ can be reversed. A typical Lead test would consist of 3 tests.

  • Earth Continuity
  • Insulation
  • Polarity

    Earth Continuity
    - this cannot be checked on a Fig.8 Lead, as a Fig.8 Lead has no Earth conductor.

    - this cannot be checked on a Fig.8 Lead, as a Fig.8 Lead has no polarity - it can be reversed by turning the Lead 180 degrees.
    Note: Plugging a Fig.8 Lead into an Appliance Tester (using a Fig.8 Adaptor), and carrying out a Polarity test could produce a ‘PASS’ with the Lead female end in one way, a meaningless ‘FAIL’ result with the female end rotated 180 degrees.

    – On an Appliance Tester, during a ‘Lead Test’, Insulation is checked between the Active/Neutral conductors (tied together) and the Earth conductor. Since the Fig.8 Lead has no Earth conductor, Insulation cannot be tested against the Earth conductor.
    Note: Carrying out an Insulation test on a Fig.8 Lead, using a Fig.8 Adaptor alone (without the use of the Appliance Tester Earth Return Lead) would produce a PASS result. However, this result would be meaningless and misleading, as the Insulation of the Lead would not have been tested at all.

    Testing Methods for Fig.8 Leads
    The only truly useful test which can be carried out on a Fig.8 Lead using an Appliance Tester is a Class II Insulation test. However, during a Class II Insulation test, Insulation is tested between the Active and Neutral conductors and the Earth Return Probe – not the Appliance Tester Return Socket. A Fig.8 Adaptor would therefore serve no purpose during this test.

    Other ways a Fig.8 Lead can be tested are:

  • A thorough Visual Inspection - this is by far the most important and valid test.
  • Checking the Insulation between the Active and Neutral conductors, and the Earth probe of the Appliance Tester. Wrapping the Fig.8 Lead in an Insulation cloak (or conductive material) and attaching the probe to this may be useful to help cover the surface of the Lead. However, obtaining a FAIL result by a breakdown of Insulation along the length of the Lead is highly unlikely – particularly if a thorough Visual has been carried out.
  • Checking the Continuity of the Active and Neutral conductors (requires a multimeter or Continuity Meter) – this test is not detailed as required on Leads under AS3760.
  • Checking the Insulation between Active and Neutral conductors - would require the use of an Insulation Meter – this test is not detailed as required on Leads under AS3760.
  • A simple test is to treat the Fig.8 Lead as an integral part of the Appliance, itself. ie. plug the Fig.8 Lead into the Appliance and treat the whole item as a Double Insulated (Class II) Appliance. Most technicians would then apply a tag to the appliance, and not the lead, as the lead itself has not been tested.

    Test and Tag Supplies Pty Ltd provides the above information without assuming a duty of care to users. Test and Tag Supplies Pty Ltd is not in the business of providing professional advice and gives no warranty, guarantee or representation about the accuracy, reliability or otherwise, of the information above. Copyright 2012 Test and Tag Supplies Pty Ltd. This information must not be reproduced, copied or distributed without written permission from Test and Tag Supplies Pty Ltd.
  • Model: TTS0F8IEC
  • Manufactured by: Test and Tag Supplies

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